Monday, July 17, 2006

Binayo - At the Beginning

At The Beginning
Serie: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Song: At The Beginning
Sung by: Richard Marx and Donna Lewis
seize: 9,5 MB
Comment: I think this is one of my better music video's. It is a video about Usagi and Mamoru, from the Sailormoon Live Action serie. Sorry for the bad quality and also the end of the video isn't really good.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

In Vienna it is soo frosty!! My fingers are soo cold and this is just annoying!
Anyway I love the


especially the one in the near of me in Schönbrunn. I love it to drink glogg and look around the market...

But if it would snow I would more appreciate the cold..because anything looks better, with snow on it ^_^

I still haven´t bought all presents. My boyfriend gets a cell, my father a jacket. I don´t know what to do with my mom and my grandparents...
Maybe I sew my mom a hat, but she is very difficult, she don´t like all the things I like and I do...

I try to find something this weekend...This is my last chance to rescue Xmas... hehe.. T_T

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I love this song from the Sony HDTV Advertisment

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Yea Spain (Alicante/Valencia) is really great. We (my boyfriend Andi, our friend David and me) get there for one week in September.
I guess 90% of the people there are Britans, so it was no great problem to communicate
there, without Spanish experiences.

We rent a holiday flat of the cousin of my office collegue Robert. The neigboughs where Britans and some of them had dogs.
The shepard dog was Afi and the Chihuaha-Jack Russel-Mix was Mizi (the cutest dog I ve ever seen, with vampire teeth)
The beach was great and the waves were soo neat!!!

My boyfriend was got tanned so fast.
As I have a very sensitive skin I read my books in the shade.

The way to the beach was a bit ugly. There where used condoms and other litter on the path but anyway we made some pics ^_^ form David and my boyfriend Andi.

On our fly back we delayed on both flights (from Alicante to Palma and from Palma to Vienna)
and we wait 12 hours in Airports.